Yes, I think I am raising a left-handed child

The brushing tale!

The world celebrated the Left Handers Day on 13th August. Well, I wasn’t aware that such a day is also celebrated. I think is awesome to celebrate such a day as only 11 percent of the world’s populations are born left handed. And the reason for writing this blog post is also that I am raising one of the 11 percent myself.

Yes, I recently found that My 2 years 10 months old princess also prefers her left hand to perform most of her daily tasks. When she was over a year old, she at times used to hold her toys with her left hand but that time I rarely made a note of this. But now the preference has become more prominent as she has started scribbling and coloring. She prefers doing that with her left hand. Though at times she also uses her right hand but again switches to left just because she is more comfortable.

I tried to find out a little more about this phenomenon and found out some of the below facts-

Do not jump to a conclusion

You can make a final assumption about your child’s hand preference only when he/she starts schooling. Eating, playing or doodling does not require fine motor skills and the toddlers can perform these activities under the influence of rapidly developing brain. So, don’t come to a conclusion until your little ones stats schooling.


Your child is different

If you are raising a left hander child, then remember that your child is different from the rest. How? Let me explain. I will try my level best. The left side of the brain which is responsible for controlling speech, math’s , logic, science, writing and language controls the right hand while the right side of the brain which controls the ability for art, music, emotion and Imagination controls the left hand. So, we can say that the brain is cross wired; right hemisphere of the brain controls the left side of the body and vice versa. In left handed people’s case the hand dominance is connected with brain dominance on the opposite sides, hence we say that only left handed people are on their right minds. I will find it out myself in the years to come.


Encourage her

Ok, now that you had discovered a great mystery do not try to force your child to behave and act like the rest 89 percent of the world’s population. Respect the fact that she is unique and let her make decisions. Do not get worried thinking that how on earth she is going to deal with things when she grows up. Left handed people, to the best of their ability know how to deal with things. So, bit back, relax and watch them grow.


Invest in friendly equipment’s

Although I am not quite sure but I have heard that you get specially designed art equipment’s or sports items for the left handed fellows. Imagine them getting irritated by using scissors meant for us. Do a thorough research before inventing.


Be happy

Yes, you have a strong reason to be happy. Don’t get disheartened thinking how you child is going to manage things. There’s a whole bunch out there who are managing it quite well. Right from Barack Obama to Rafael Nadal to Lewis Caroll and Bruce Willis; they all are managing quite well aren’t’ they?


All the best to me and to all other doting mom’s who are whole heatedly performing one of the difficult tasks in the world. Stay happy, positive and calm. I would love to hear from you about your thoughts on this. Do drop a message.





2 So it’s been 4 years that we have been officially hitched, four years nine months and two days since we got engaged, and almost five years since we awkwardly got to know each together.

It’s been a ride for sure, and I have been living life in phases. Today this and tomorrow that, there has never been a dull moment. But I still miss those years which I missed staying with you. I wish we could have met earlier. Anyways, it was destiny and we were destined to meet 5 years back.

From just casual friends to good friends to best friends and now a life partner, we have come a long way. From a tweet, to a ping on gtalk, to a video chat on skype, to spending whole night chatting till dawn, to meeting each other face to face, to waking up in your arms and now to let our little bundle of joy share the little space between us, we really have come a long way. J

When I look back it almost seems like a bollywood plot. The way we met, the way we got engaged, the way we got married and the way we are growing old together. I think we deserve a standing ovation.

I want to thank God for helping us getting married baring those great -wall -of -china kind of caste pillars, society norms, parental pressure and those never matching horoscope. Actually not only God, I want to thank you too. You stood like a pillar and fought everything so bravely. I am so proud of you.

There are many things which I love about you. One of them being the transformation you have made on me. I have now begun to analyze situations and act accordingly and am on the verge of losing the simple, quite girl image which does not work in the longer run. Thank you for building confidence in me.

Thank you again for letting me know that like is not a bollywood movie. Life is lived in phases. So just like two sides of a coin, there is both good and bad phase and it just passes. Now I try not to fuss about the bad phase but just try to get over it like a good girl.

Thank you again for inspiring me to keep trying out new things. It feels good when you praise my work and also suggest the area of improvement. Thank you for keeping me and Pahi entertained with your humorous side. I just love it when you make funny faces in the mirror inside the lift when no one is around.

Well, there are more, but I will now limit it to just 4 since it’s our 4th anniversary. 😛

And as I said there are two sides of a coin, so there are two sides in you as well. There is this annoying side in you which comes un-alarmed and goes away in a jiffy. But I am not in a mood to jot down those as I don’t to crib on our anniversary (Am I acting like a good wife?)

I love you to the moon and back. Bearhug! 3 4                                  72                 DSC02971

Papa’s Day…

As a child I remember celebrating Children’s Day. We would get chocolates at school and would also insist at being given a treat at home too. In a nutshell we celebrated our day. Now that I am mother, I still get to celebrate being a mother, isn’t that amazing? Not only Mothers Day, we have a Father’s Day too for all the amazing Papa’s. I pity my mom and dad who missed these so called days in the past but now I make sure to compensate for all those years missed.

I do believe that every day is a mothers/father’s day but I think it’s quite cool to have a day dedicated to the special persons in your life. The most important part being you get to celebrate a day with your loved ones.20150527_171647

So this year we celebrated a Father’s Day at home. Pahi can draw lines; scribble and…

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Papa’s Day…

As a child I remember celebrating Children’s Day. We would get chocolates at school and would also insist at being given a treat at home too. In a nutshell we celebrated our day. Now that I am mother, I still get to celebrate being a mother, isn’t that amazing? Not only Mothers Day, we have a Father’s Day too for all the amazing Papa’s. I pity my mom and dad who missed these so called days in the past but now I make sure to compensate for all those years missed.

I do believe that every day is a mothers/father’s day but I think it’s quite cool to have a day dedicated to the special persons in your life. The most important part being you get to celebrate a day with your loved ones.20150527_171647

So this year we celebrated a Father’s Day at home. Pahi can draw lines; scribble and color pictures so I thought why not make her paint a card for her papa. We sat down and had a nice time scribbling on the paper. She said that she wanted to make two cards for her Papa because she loves him a lot and I said ok why not. I had a nice time making those cards with her. It was fun to see her paint and stick those embellishments on the card. I also took her hand and foot prints and made a superman out of it. She was super excited and wanted to give her papa the cards right away. I somehow convinced her to hide those cards for now and give it to her papa the next morning. It was a little difficult but she somehow listened to me.

So the morning came and I told Pahi softly to go and wish her Papa with her handmade card. And then her tantrums begin. She started yelling no it’s not father’s day today I want to celebrate mother’s day. Well, this is how the kids behave at time and you just can’t do anything about it. So, after Pahi decided to boycott the special day dedicated to her papa, I decided to give him the card made by his beloved daughter by hiding it inside the morning newspaper. The father was so happy after receiving the card that he forgot to read his newspaper and was staring at the card as if the card is now a newspaper with all the worldly gossips. We, Father’s has their emotional side as well. J

The other card I waited for Pahi to get convinced that its Father’s Day today by showing her pictures of her and her dad together and telling her how much he loves her. She finally got convinced and I made her handover the other card to her Papa herself.

Finally mission accomplished.

I was happy,

Papa was super happy…


Pahi was happy too.

But I was just wondering why the father’s can’t do such things for the mommy’s on their special days?

I hope the Father is reading this 😛

Well, chuck it, and hope you wished your dad too. Because I just did and he was so happy.

Simple gestures that can spice up your love life

It’s not always necessary to say “I love you”. You can show your love towards your partner with some simple gestures which includes holding hand or may be surprise him/her with a romantic candle light dinner. I do feel that the essence of love should not fade away. Here are some secrets to keep that love intact.

  1. Do something nice for your partner- You need not always buy expensive gifts for your partner. Even the smallest of things can bring a smile on your thier face. E.g keep sending her/him text messages saying how much you love him/her or may be send her flowers.
  2. Spend quality time- We all become so engrossed in our life post marriage that we hardly spend time with our partners. Most of the time is spent dealing with clients or late night meetings. If you also have been doing the same for a long time then it’s the time to surprise your partner. Try to forget about those clients for some time and pack your bag to go home early. Worth a try!
  3. Compliment/Praise your partner-With time we seem to get so accustomed with our partner that we rarely praise him/her. Remember those early days when you were just married and could not stop yourself from showering praises on your partner. You can again bring back the smile on her/his face by complimenting them once again. Praise your partner whenever he/she cooks for you or may be when he/she dresses up. Do try it!
  4. Share- Share your daily doings with your partner and give them a chance to be a part of your life. Make your partner feel special as this will surely make them realize that you miss him/her even in your busy schedule. Try this out, as sharing is caring!
  5. Express yourself- Let your partner know how much you love him/her. Don’t restrict yourself from expressing yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Spice up your relationship by expressing yourself at the earliest.
  6. Surprise- Who doesn’t like surprises? Do something he/she would not have expected. You could send flowers or take her out on a surprise dinner. Well, isn’t that a sweet gesture?
  7. Show that love- It’s very important to show that love towards your partner from time to time. You can hold her hand or may be tell her how much you love her quietly when sitting with your family or while watching a movie. Try this out and its works.
  8. Know your partners needs- You should know your partner inside out. The idea is to fulfill their needs before they realize it.

So what are your waiting for? Do try these tips and spice up your love life. Also don’t forget to share which of the above tips worked for you.


Top ten Mother-Toddler activity you can indulge in this summer
Stock up all your summer essentials and get ready for some fun with your little ones. The idea is to plan everything in advance so that you don’t spend the entire summer under the AC watching a cartoon show. So, be it venturing out to a nearby destination, arranging a party or just lazing around with your little munchkin at home, we have a list ready for you to shove off the summer boredom.

Pool party with kids


Image Credit: blog.timimas

Celebrate summer! Just slather on the sunscreen and let the kids put on their swim suit and jump to joy on the bath tub. So while the kiddos are having fun the mommies (and the daddy’s) too can spend a quality time with each other. So, what are you waiting for? Let the little ones make a splash at the backyard pool, go hula-hooping and enjoy all those delicious finger food.

Where: At you backyard or you can even hire your society pool for a day. There are event organizers such as Dream Party, Funfaktory and Hop Skip And Party who can help you even make it grand for the tiny tots.

Visit to a water park


Image Credit:

Water slides, splashing fountains, mini pools, toddler swings and rain dance- let the little ones just laze around and have fun playing in the water. It’s so much fun watching them make a splash with those tiny little toes.

Where : There are a lot of places in and around Mumbai. You can consider going to Essel World, Adlabs Imagica, Kumar Water Resort- Lonavla, Royal Garden Resort- Borivali or Tikuji-Ni-Wadi at Thane Road.

Create a giant waterbed


Image Credit: homemade/wp-content

You can order it online or even make one at home with the help of plastic sheets and duct tape. All you have to do is tape together two layers of heavy plastic sheets, leaving a small hole for the hose to fill it with water. And voila, your giant water bed is ready for the jumping jacks.

Go out on a short road trip


Image Credit:

Venture out and explore places! So, whether it’s a park, a museum, a zoo, a country side farm which you have been planning to visit for a long time, just stock up all the essentials drive away with your little ones.

Where : Visit nearby beaches- Chowpatty, Manori, Gorai, Kelwa. You can also take a ferry from Gateway of India and visit the cluster of beaches around Alibaug like Varsoli, Kihim or Nagaon and take a horse-cart ride along the beach. Tiny, unpolluted hill station, Matheran can also excite the tiny totes. Yazoo Park, Fish Aquarium, Byculla Zoo and Byculla Butterfly Garden are amongst others worth visiting. A day spent at Lonavla or Khandala can also cool down the little ones a lot.

Join a summer camp


Image Credit:

Summer camp is a fun way to unwind yourself with your little ones with endless number of activities. There are mother-toddler half day programs which allows you to choose from a variety of options like dancing, crafting, games, field trips, theatre, cooking and many more. Do what interests them and watch them sparkle.

Where: Koala Club Summer Camp, Gymboree, Lil’Chef At Kidocent Activity Club, Satrangi Gurukul Pugmarks offers mother-toddler programs. You can also look for special classes in playschools which also offers special classes during the summer vacations.


Image Credit:

Spend the lazy summer afternoon playing board games

There would be days when you just want to spend some quality time with your munchkin. One of those days you can decide on a board game and let the dice rolling. Not only are board games super fun way to spend time but they also teach the child about patterns, matching, color, strategy and many more.


Dib-Dab fun with flower painting

Kids love getting messy, don’t they? You can get them some flowers, dib them in color and let them dab it onto a paper. And just wait for their expression after they see the final outcome. Give it a try.

Fun with Paintsicles- frozen ice cube painting

There could not be a better way to spend a summer afternoon with lots of colored ice cubes around. Just squeeze some paint in the ice tray, freeze them for a couple of hours and there you go. Let the little ones beat the heat creatively.

Beat the heat by making some freezer banana/strawberry popsicle and lemonade

Image Credit: Pinterest

Let them wear their aprons and make a mess in the kitchen. Have some patience and let those tiny hands treat you with their favourite popsicles. All you need is a lollipop stick, some fruits, melted chocolate or yogurt and some sprinkles. You can even get them involved in making lemonade for everyone. Well, no one would mind taking a sip.

Teach them


Image Credit:

On certain days, just sit with them and teach them basic science, sing a rhyme, count objects, paint a picture or just let them scribble on a notebook.

Where: Either at home or you can even get yourself enrolled in some special classes. There are a number of institutes such as Furtadoss, Colour Crates, Eco Kids, Knowledge Book Library & Multi Activity and All rounder which offers special classes in music, art & craft, origami, pottery making, theatre, gardening, clay play, fitness and many more.

Have more ideas to share? Do let us know in the comment section below!


Feeling guilty now for not keeping a daily check on what’s happening outside and most importantly inside me. There is so much to say. It’s been 5 months now and feels great. I have never been so protective of myself then I am these days. A huge sense of responsibility has crept in within me. Will try and share the stories of all the hormonal imbalances within me from now.  P.S- Please bear with me. J I don’t know whether its HE or SHE, a small part within me says it’s HE, but then another part says, it can be SHE. But I secretly want a baby girl (@pradyumna Happy? :D)

Week 22:

I am hoping she should be the size of a small papaya. Errr … well I don’t know.

Feelings: I feel pregnant. J Well, there are times when I am the happiest person on earth and again there are times where I am a little jinxed. I am very close to my third trimester and sometimes worried as to how I am going to manage myself and the lil baby. Those swellings on the feet and body are driving me nuts. My foot is almost twice its size and the wedding ring refuses to come out of my finger. I am still trying to pull it out, but in vain. The removal of the ring on the other finger was quite traumatic, so I better not try it with the other one.

Body: I feel blotted. I have put on lots of weight and I am concerned. Sigh!

Movements: Little tickles. Doctors say it’s too early to feel the baby now, but I can feel her and it’s the best feeling. She keeps moving and makes her presence felt whenever I am alone. May be she is trying to say that I am with you. Awwwww.

Milestones: Well, for sure the baby movement. I can feel her, what else I want to know.

Cravings: Nothing in particular, depends on mood.

Food: I think I am turning veggie. I like my plate with lots of green vegetables and pulses.

Sleep: I wake up early for some unknown reasons. (Early is 7 :D), I wish I can sleep more.

Concerns: There are so many. Let’s not talk about it now! 

Awkward Moments: Pradyumna saying every minute- “Baby steps”. Grrrr… I am not a baby J Also, each time I see myself in the mirror, I get upset. So, these days I refrain myself from looking into the mirror. Awkward but true. People are sometimes very mean to pregnant women. Not all, but a few of them. So, a chic in office told me that I have put on a lot of weight and kept staring at me. I swear, next time if anyone tells me this is sure to get a punch on the face.  None of my dresses fits me. Thanks to mommy dear for making them fit me again. Phew!

I Miss:  Sleeping on my tummy, staying up late at night. I don’t have the liberty to do these stuff. Grrrr. Also miss taking the caffeine sips with Pradyumna over the weekends. I have to sip milk instead, how boring. Diet: Forget about it. One moment I think I will stay away from ice-creams and chocolates and other moments I have them out from the refrigerator. No self-control. Sob!

Okay…enough for today I guess. I need to concentrate on the damn iPad now. Will come back next week.