Navi Mumbai’s Autowalle Bhaiya in Limca Book Of World Record

Santosh Gaikwad with a little cute monster

Santosh Gaikwad with a little cute monster

Mumbai local train is called as Mumbai’s lifeline, but the auto’s and taxi’s which ferries its passengers from their home to the nearest railway stations cannot be sidelined. They are as important as the local train. They are on duty right before you sip your morning cup of tea and carry you halfway to your workplace till wee hours of the night to drop you home safely from the railway station.

The importance of autos cannot be ignored by any Mumbaikar, right? But somehow I feel the equation Mumbaikars share with most of the auto wallas is not good. The aggression, the bashing continues from time to time. I keep wondering why? I too have had my share of disagreement with a few of the auto wallas when they had refused to travel to places which are too close and at times I felt their meter is tampered. These incidences keep happening and I think will continue to happen. But after I met this man called Santosh Gaikwad, my outlook has changed a little towards them. This autowalla bhaiya was making a difference and helping people with whatever small ways he can.

I got to chance to speak to him in our society while he was dropping a passenger. You will find this man in Navi Mumbai and can recognize him with his auto which is decked up with flowers and bright lights. The moment you enter his auto you will be amazed to see how he has customized his vehicle with newspaper, magazines, pamphlets to keep enlighten you while he drives you safely to your destination.Untitled design

The best part is not only the literary collection that he has but giving free rides to physically handicapped people. Yes, you read it right, this man gives free rides to the differently –abled. His grandmother was diagnosed with cancer and one of her leg got amputated, he saw the difficulties faced by her and decided to help those people to ease their pain a little. His philanthropic work got recognized and was included in the Limca Book Of World Records in the 2014 edition. Isn’t it awesome?

Limca Book Of World Record certificate

Limca Book Of World Record certificate

Santosh Gaikwad is a very simple man, who inspite of being not so financially sound is doing his bit to help those who need support. I think he is doing a great job and we all should come forward and support him. He also told me that now a few of his fellow autowalla friends are also doing the same.

Not only this he told me that he also supports social causes like Education For Every Girl Child by giving information to socially backward classes. Awareness about road safety measures is another issue which is being addressed by this Good Samaritan.

Hats off! Respect!


Saas! Bahu! Beti! Behen! and the list goes on


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I was just trying to kill my 10 minutes which I had before stepping out to pick up the kid of the house when I switched on the TV. Its been a long time I had stopped watching the daily soaps. Well, no I don’t miss watching them now. I had to force myself into watching them 3 years back just because it helped me earn my bread and butter (I used to work for a TV channel).

So, today morning I just realized that while our beloved TV channels have been striving hard to improve the status of women in the society, the government is slowly waking up to reality. Women today rule many things in a way and our position is not at all inferior, not any longer fellas!

Switch on the TV set you will find out that I am not kidding. All thanks to the umpteen number of TV Channel which are airing endless numbers of women centric shows day in day out. The term Saas-Bahu has become so familiar that this has become synonymous with Tom & Jerry, Ram & Laxman or Laila & Majnu.

If we divert our focus for sometime from the fiction to non-fiction shows then we witness the same thing. You say “Big Boss” and you remember Veena Malik or Dolly Bindra more then you remember Khali or Bindu. You say “SplitsVilla” and you remember Sakshi, Pavitra or Joanna more then you remember Mohit or Siddhartha. We women rule baby!

No one can deny the fact that women rule the small screen kingdom. As soon as you switch on the TV set you enter into a world of saas, bahu, beti, maa, behen, baby, chachi and the list continues. The number of women centric shows on TV is astounding. Do you remember any of the shows which are or were based on men? I seriously don’t remember any and now I am forced to think as why till now there aren’t any public objections for slandering all men on television.

Well… don’t you think it’s an insult to the mankind? Now that we have brands selling out men soap and talc why can’t we have a show on TV based on their life? Just think about it.

Anyways, although the woman portrays various roles on TV, they all have almost the same duties and responsibilities in all the show. As a wife/bahu/maa a female is portrayed as being loving, caring and submissive; as a beti/behen she is shown as lively, full of life and restricting herself from any kinda night outs because her family is too conservative or protective. Yeah! I don’t remember whether I have witnessed a single scene in any of the shows (since the time I have became a TV addict) where the daughter of the house goes out for night outs, and parents are cool about it… Most of our urban parents are today cool about daughters going out for parties… Actually, the protagonists’ parents aren’t cool, her friends’ parents are!

Now let’s focus on the sasu maa’s.  Well all the saas of the present day shows have undergone a major transformation. They are not acting like the typical saas all of a sudden. By transformation I don’t mean a full transformation but saasu maa’s are suddenly behaving a lot better then what they used to be in the past (atleast on TV).  So suddenly we see the saas helping out her bahus in the kitchen in the morning rather than expecting her to prepare a full course breakfast for the entire janta at home. She also accompanies the bahu to the beauty parlour and enjoys having pani-puri with her. The bahus too have stopped nagging against their saasu maa’ and have closed playing the blame game and exaggerating and complaining to their hubby’s about his mother’s behavior.

Remember the days when the female protagonists used wake up with untouched heavy makeup and jewelries. Well I always used to make fun of my mother for watching such unbearable stuff on TV.  But this trend has changed all of a sudden. The ladies have started wearing night suits or at least if they are not wearing one then they are minus their lipstick and jewelries, which is acceptable to me as a viewer.

A woman is portrayed differently on TV today. Gone are the days when you used to see women in saree and salwar suits only. As soon as you switch on you TV sets you will notice a sudden switch from an urbanized look to a more rural one. It’s good to see a change in trend and get away from the monotony. And the best part is we in the cities have taken to wear clothes like our rustic sisters in some of the shows. And how proud my grandmom must be feeling when she sees me fully clad… Priceless moment (Psst, little does she know my influence is my new friend TV, and not so much her conservative thought)

But then, having said that – something which concerned me was that all these series speak of many causes. Like for example child marriage,education for girls,family values and so on.

So it’s the power puff girls everywhere who are stealing the limelight. The females are driving the small screen in India, no doubt about it.

But keeping all the above said good things aside, I still don’t want to watch them. I wish the production houses in India comes up with better ideas which will keep us hooked up to the TV sets in near future.



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20 timeless children songs which still resonates with the 20’s kids

Pahi's fun time watching her fav song!

Pahi’s fun time watching her fav song!

There are things which could not be forgotten, things which can never fade away. Music is one of them. It’s food for the soul and even more than that they relate us to memories. These memories become all the more special when it takes us back to our childhood days. You feel good and suddenly get nostalgic when you hear cult songs like lakdi ki kathi or chanda mama dur ke even today, don’t you? There are songs which can never fade but keep spreading its charm from generation to generation.

I have listed down 20 children songs of the past which still makes my kid jump to joy. 🙂

Play -Time Song: Lakdi Ki Kathi, Kathi Pe Ghoda

This song celebrates the spirit of childhood in the true sense. A song so innocent and simple yet powerful which is timeless and has been a popular number since its inception till date. It’s one of those perennial classics which top the list when we talk about kids.

Credit: Movie– Masoom (1983); Singer– Gauri Bapat, Gurpreet Kour and Vanita Mishra; Lyrics– Gulzar; Music Composer- R D Burman

Video Link-


Meal- Time Song: Chanda Mama Dur Ke

This song has been successfully transformed into a lullaby which is sure to make every kid go to sleep peacefully. It even made a mommy’s job less tiresome while feeding their little ones. This is one of those iconic children songs which was and will remain every mommy’s (and kids too) favorite.

Credit: Movie– Vachan(1955); Singer-Asha Bhosle; Lyrics– Sudhir; Music Composer– Prem Dhawan

Video Link:

The Birthday Song: Hum Bhi Agar Bacche Hote

It is the perfect birthday party song for both the kids and the grownups to enjoy. This song is amazing because it brings back so many memories and you couldn’t help but dance to the tune with your birthday hat.

Credit: Movie– Door Ki Awaaz (1964); Singer – Md. Rafi and Asha Bhosle; Lyrics– Shakeel Badayuni; Music Composer– Ravi

Video Link:

The Car song: Chakke Pe Chakka

Shammi Kapoor does a lot of multi tasking in this song- he sings, dances, entertain kids and drives them through the busiest roads in Mumbai encircled by the sea. A song you must have in you playlist when going out on a road trip with your little ones.

Credit: Movie– Brahmachari (1993); Singer-Md. Rafi; Lyrics– Hasrat Jaipuri and Shailendra; Music Composer– Shankar-Jaikishan

Video Link:


Love for Mummy-Daddy: Hai Na Bolo Bolo

“Mummy Ko Papa Se, Papa Ko Mummy Se Pyaar Hai…Pyaar Hai”, well the lyric says it all. Kids too can play cupid at times.

Credit: Movie– Andaz (1971); Singer Mohd. Rafi, Suman Kalyanpur and Sushma; Lyrics– Hasrat Jaipuri; Music Composer– Shankar Jaikishan

Video Link:


Chitchat With Grandma: Naani Teri Moorni Ko

Grandma’s, even today are prepared to listen to this song either with the little ones standing close to them or the little ones mommy’s sending a video of the same . It is one of those songs where a kid did playback for a kid rather than a female singer.

Credit: Movie– Masoom (1960); Singer– Ranu Mukherji; Lyrics– Shailendra; Music Composer- Hemant Kumar

Video Link:

The little patriots: Nanhe Munhe Bacche

It’s a classic which can never get old. Be it Republic Day or Independence Day, you are sure to listen to this song in full volume. The beat, the words, the music, everything in this song is so patriotic.

Credit: Movie– Boot Polish (1954); Singer: Mohd. Rafi and Asha Bhosle; Lyrics– Shailendra; Music Composer– Shankar Jaikishan

Video Link:

The Perfect Lullaby: Lalla Lalla Lori, Doodh ki Katori

Another popular lullaby of the 70’s which made its impact with its powerful vocals. This is one of those songs which every parent should know by heart.

Credit: Movie– Mukti (1977); Singer -Lata Mangeshkar and Mukesh; Lyrics– Anand Bakshi; Music Composer– R D Buman

Video Link:

The Train Song: Rail Gaadi, Rail Gaadi

You would be surprised to know that this song is one of the first RAP music produced in Bollywood. Once you listen to it you could not stop from admiring the man who sung it, the veteran Ashok Kumar. Nevertheless this song entertains you to the core.

Credit: Movie– Ashirwaad (1968); Singer – Ashok Kumar; Lyrics– Harindranath Chattopadhya ; Music Composer– Vasant Desai

Video Link:


The Mood-Lifter Song: Cheel Cheel Cheelake

This song can never let you down with its tongue twisting lyrics. From the movie Half Ticket, it’s one of those entertaining songs which can lift up your mood any time.

Credit: Movie– Half Ticket (1962); Singer – Kishore Kumar; Lyrics– Shailendra ; Music Composer– Salil Choudhary

Video Link:


The conciliation song: Dadi Amma Daadi Amma Maan Jao

Grandma is angry? Then one should definitely try this song to soothe her; it really works. This song shows how the little ones are able to make the toughest of the heart melt with their innocence.

Credit: Movie– Gharana (1961); Singer – Asha Bhosle and Kamal Barot; Lyrics– Shakeel Badayuni ; Music Composer– Ravi

Video Link:


The Appu Raja Song: Chal Chal Chal Mere Haathi,O Mere Sathi

Not only kids but also those young at heart would love to sit and watch those elephants do wonderful stunts in the song.

Credit: Movie– Haathi Mere Saathi (1971); Singer– Kishore Kumar; Lyrics– Anand Bakshi; Music Composer– Laxmikant Pyarelal

Video Link:


The Riddle Song: Eechak Dana Beechak Dana

A perfect food for thought, this song beautifully captures the rustic environment and how riddles were used to ignite those young minds in the 1950’s.

Credit: Movie– Shree 420 (1955); Singer-Lata Mangeshkar; Lyrics– Hasrat Jaipuri; Music Composer– Shankar Jaikaishan

Video Link:


The Fun Song: Hawaa Hawaai

Ok, there aren’t any kids in this song but this still remains one of their favorites. The music video is fun to watch and the eclectic use of instruments makes it catchy too.

Credit: Movie– Mr. India (1987); Singer-Kavita; Lyrics– Javed Akhtar; Music Composer- Laxmikant –Pyarelal

Video Link:


The Picnic-Song: Yuhi Kat Jayega Safar

One of the perfect picnic songs of the 90’s which became an instant hit. The music video is fun and energetic showing all kinds of activities which a kid desires to do on a day out.

Credit: Movie– Hum Hain Raahi Pyaar Ke (1993); Singer-Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik; Lyrics– Sameer; Music Composer– Nadeem-Shravan

Video Link:


 The Sibling Song: Phoolan Ka Taaraon Ka

It’s a sweet song, just to let your sister know how much you love her. Any age group can relate to this song.

Credit: Movie– Hare Rama Hare Krishna (1972); Singer-Lata Mangeshkar; Lyrics– Anand Bakshi; Music Composer– R D Burman

Video Link:


The Tongue-Twister Song: Chanda Chamke Cham Cham

Kids love tongue twisters, no doubt about it. Half of the childhood is spent trying a few of them which we still can’t get it right. This twisting song is sure to twist you tongue. Do try singing it.

Credit: Movie– Fanaa(1961); Singer – Babul Supriyo, Mahalaxmi Iyer, Aamir Khan, Kajol; Lyrics– Prasoon Joshi ; Music Composer– Jatin-Lalit

Video Link:


The Kids Anthem: Bacche Mann Ke Sacche

This song truly portrays a child; tells us how pure they are and why are they so special.

Credit: Movie- Do Kaliyaan(1968); Singer – Lata Mangeshkar; Lyrics– Sahir Ludhianvi ; Music Composer- Ravi

Video Link:


The Animated Song: Ta Ra Rum Pum

This song had kids dancing to its tune with their favorite animated characters. It is one of those songs in Bollywood which was executed by Walt Disney Studios.

Credit: Movie– Ta Ra Rum Pum (2007); Singer – Shaan, Mahalakshmi Iyer, Sneha Suresh & Shravan Suresh; Lyrics– Javed Akhtar ; Music Composer– Vishal-Shekhar

Video Link:

The Dance Song: Bum Bum Bole

It’s the latest Bollywood hit with the kids. They just love the song and like to groove with the music.

Credit: Movie– Taare Zameen Par (2007); Singer – Shaan, Aamir Khan; Lyrics– Prasoon Joshi ; Music Composer– Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy

Video Link:

We are sure there are a lot more songs which are not there in the above list. Do share them in the comment section below. It’s your turn now. Turn on your thinking cap!

My first blog..

Happy Dent formula


Remember the jingle- TERA DIL ROSHAN… TERA MANN ROSHAN… TO YE JAHAN ROSHAN.., representing the exceptionally side-splitting TV ad. Ever managed to give a thought how the people in the medieval India managed to stay when it got dark and when there was no lights and lamps. Prasoon is all hear to clear your doubts and Hats off to Mr. Prasoon and his creative team for that. Well the idea seems to be weird but that’s when “HAPPY DENT” chewing gum came to their rescue. The ad has been shot in the princely environment of Rajasthan where the city is all lit up consuming no energy resource but human resource. (Wonder how). It all start (just to remind you) showing a guy in a hurry cycling somewhere and to his surprise his tyres comes off…making a splash…asks for a lift when a car passes him but all in vain. He then passes a series of poles with similar guys balancing themselves over there (guys on polls, a must watch)… Tries to enter a big palace (the background now we get to know is set in the time of the maharajas) but the gate is being closed… so he jumps up the fence and we see some of his friends perched on what is supposed to be a lamppost. Its about to get dark and passing through the swimming pool, he then reaches inside the palace where the old king is all ready for dinner, removes his shawl at a flash and the guy comes in the middle of the chandelier made up of congregation of boys and pops in something .All the guys starts smiling with their teeth emitting light just as a torch light and also flows in the music Tera dil roshan… tera mann roshan… to yeh jahan roshan…mushkurale mushkurale.. Jagmagale jagmale…!!

 The humor used is a knock out and it makes you beam when you view the creative side of the ad with lights flashing from the teeth (mind you, not from yours) everywhere be it under the swimming pool, the tennis courtyard or from the headlight of the old modeled car. The 100 watt light flashing from the teeth makes the ad a hit among the masses and it makes you “mushkurale” all the time while you are watching the ad. No doubt the idea is a bit unnatural but the jingle, the music, and the sets everything is impeccable. But when you try to look at the ad from a different perspective then somehow you feel that making teeth as a source of light at the cost of making people slaves doing all the weird things, then at some point of time you feel disheartened. Ok now let’s not inflate the situation but watch the ad just for fun.