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Who am I?

Sounds absurd to start off with such an insane statement, isn’t it? But then there is logic behind this. I have been thinking and thinking of a suitable name for my blog to start off and then suddenly I remembered one conversation that occurred, may be some 4-5 years back. I was at a friend’s place when one of my friend’s, friend asked me from where I belong to. Because she felt I looked partly a Punjabi kudi and partly Bengali mei . Again my body structure made her feel that I had connection with being a Marwari girl as well (Those who know me personally would get this right). I was about give my response when my friend started giggling and told her that this Bengali, Punjabi and Marwari looking girl is actually a fake north-eastern , a fake indorian, a fake delhite, a fake puneri , a fake mumbaite and now going to be a fake oriya.

Well, I was dumbstruck and how. I realized how true she was. A girl who was born and brought up in Assam, a north Indian by blood, who did her major part of education in Indore, started working for a livelihood in Pune and finally found solace in Mumbai and soon going to marry an Oriya guy. Well I had lived life in a full circle. Only that the guy, whom I married, could move a little beneath Orissa border, I could have proudly made this statement. But, then it’s ok because Orissa has got an Andhra touch as well. Nevertheless I love my man J

So, I am this girl who can tell you a lil about north, a lil about east, a lil about west, a very lil about south too and not to forget a lil about the central part of india as well with her Indore connection.

That is pretty much about my existence. Phew!

I am an accidental writer, you see, who was pushed into this profession some 4-5 years back. I am glad that person did that. How I used to hate him then! But, yes I think writing is one of the coolest to do on earth. And I remember as a kid I loved books and loved to scribble.

I am also a young mom to a 2 ½ year old angel. Yes, you read it right – a young mom. Someone just made this statement to me and I kinda liked it. If you are a mom that doesn’t entitled you to be old.

So this is me, who thinks her husband is someone who has descended to mother earth only to pull me up whenever I need him, who loves her daughter so much that I can keep clicking n number of pictures of her and never get tired. I love you both to the moon and back!

Except for the above love, this girl also for a change love reading, travelling, music, movies, chatting and cooking lately.






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