Yes, I think I am raising a left-handed child

The brushing tale!

The world celebrated the Left Handers Day on 13th August. Well, I wasn’t aware that such a day is also celebrated. I think is awesome to celebrate such a day as only 11 percent of the world’s populations are born left handed. And the reason for writing this blog post is also that I am raising one of the 11 percent myself.

Yes, I recently found that My 2 years 10 months old princess also prefers her left hand to perform most of her daily tasks. When she was over a year old, she at times used to hold her toys with her left hand but that time I rarely made a note of this. But now the preference has become more prominent as she has started scribbling and coloring. She prefers doing that with her left hand. Though at times she also uses her right hand but again switches to left just because she is more comfortable.

I tried to find out a little more about this phenomenon and found out some of the below facts-

Do not jump to a conclusion

You can make a final assumption about your child’s hand preference only when he/she starts schooling. Eating, playing or doodling does not require fine motor skills and the toddlers can perform these activities under the influence of rapidly developing brain. So, don’t come to a conclusion until your little ones stats schooling.


Your child is different

If you are raising a left hander child, then remember that your child is different from the rest. How? Let me explain. I will try my level best. The left side of the brain which is responsible for controlling speech, math’s , logic, science, writing and language controls the right hand while the right side of the brain which controls the ability for art, music, emotion and Imagination controls the left hand. So, we can say that the brain is cross wired; right hemisphere of the brain controls the left side of the body and vice versa. In left handed people’s case the hand dominance is connected with brain dominance on the opposite sides, hence we say that only left handed people are on their right minds. I will find it out myself in the years to come.


Encourage her

Ok, now that you had discovered a great mystery do not try to force your child to behave and act like the rest 89 percent of the world’s population. Respect the fact that she is unique and let her make decisions. Do not get worried thinking that how on earth she is going to deal with things when she grows up. Left handed people, to the best of their ability know how to deal with things. So, bit back, relax and watch them grow.


Invest in friendly equipment’s

Although I am not quite sure but I have heard that you get specially designed art equipment’s or sports items for the left handed fellows. Imagine them getting irritated by using scissors meant for us. Do a thorough research before inventing.


Be happy

Yes, you have a strong reason to be happy. Don’t get disheartened thinking how you child is going to manage things. There’s a whole bunch out there who are managing it quite well. Right from Barack Obama to Rafael Nadal to Lewis Caroll and Bruce Willis; they all are managing quite well aren’t’ they?


All the best to me and to all other doting mom’s who are whole heatedly performing one of the difficult tasks in the world. Stay happy, positive and calm. I would love to hear from you about your thoughts on this. Do drop a message.





It was all about getting wet and playing in the muddy puddles

10448772_10152557579531252_5325488663745588809_nAs soon as the summer used to settle down with its fist downpour, the child within me used to rise beyond measure. A July born, I used to love the rains and how. It’s needless to go back to childhood and describe my feelings then because I guess each and every child loves the rain. Getting wet, going out with their own tiny umbrella’s, wearing their gum boots, jumping in the muddy puddles; well which kid doesn’t like rain?

As I started working in a place away from home, this feeling still stayed within me. The morning shower would leave me a little exhausted and would make me walk with an umbrella and with an office bag to find an auto/taxi to reach work on time. I would crib about this and that in front of the bosses but I didn’t have any hard feelings from within. I enjoyed getting drenched, reaching late at work and joining the conversation of how we all fought like great warriors to reach at work on time.

But now the feelings have changed; just because I am a mom now. A sudden outburst of rain or even a slight change in climate drives me nut. It’s my 3rd monsoon with Pahi and this has been the best one so far as compared to the last two. Not going out in public places, not letting her mingle with kids with running nose, not letting her step out without wearing full sleeve clothes, not letting the mom in me sneeze, taking antibiotics to suppress the cold so that the infection does not pass on to her and all those crazy precautions.

It feels like ages that I have enjoyed getting wet in the rain; that I have enjoyed smiling at the onset of monsoon; that I have danced in the first downpour; that I have jumped in the muddy puddles. Now the fist thought that creeps in instantly is whether Pahi is dressed up properly; whether she should be sent to school or not; whether she should be given a bath or not and how to prepare myself for the cold and cough if by any chance she gets an infection. In short we mommy’s get so concerned that we forget to enjoy the beautiful happenings around us.10565260_10152627287186252_6716176049431677536_n

So, yesterday I was enjoying an episode of Peppa Pig on You Tube with Pahi. We lately got addicted to it and I must tell that it’s a must watch for all the toddlers. We saw Peppa Pig and her family enjoying jumping in the muddy puddles. Pahi got up from her tiny red chair and asked “ Mumma, why can’t we too jump on the puddles? Why do we not do this? Look, they are having so much fun”, and I was astonished at her thoughts. I said yes why not, we can also start doing this. And so the next morning it rained and in peppa pig inspired moment Pahi decided to jump on one of the puddle while going to school. Thank God the puddle was not muddy or else I would have had to take her back home to change her uniform.

Such small joys!

I now wonder how sometimes so ordinary and naïve things become so narrative and change our perspective all of a sudden.