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Happy Dent formula


Remember the jingle- TERA DIL ROSHAN… TERA MANN ROSHAN… TO YE JAHAN ROSHAN.., representing the exceptionally side-splitting TV ad. Ever managed to give a thought how the people in the medieval India managed to stay when it got dark and when there was no lights and lamps. Prasoon is all hear to clear your doubts and Hats off to Mr. Prasoon and his creative team for that. Well the idea seems to be weird but that’s when “HAPPY DENT” chewing gum came to their rescue. The ad has been shot in the princely environment of Rajasthan where the city is all lit up consuming no energy resource but human resource. (Wonder how). It all start (just to remind you) showing a guy in a hurry cycling somewhere and to his surprise his tyres comes off…making a splash…asks for a lift when a car passes him but all in vain. He then passes a series of poles with similar guys balancing themselves over there (guys on polls, a must watch)… Tries to enter a big palace (the background now we get to know is set in the time of the maharajas) but the gate is being closed… so he jumps up the fence and we see some of his friends perched on what is supposed to be a lamppost. Its about to get dark and passing through the swimming pool, he then reaches inside the palace where the old king is all ready for dinner, removes his shawl at a flash and the guy comes in the middle of the chandelier made up of congregation of boys and pops in something .All the guys starts smiling with their teeth emitting light just as a torch light and also flows in the music Tera dil roshan… tera mann roshan… to yeh jahan roshan…mushkurale mushkurale.. Jagmagale jagmale…!!

 The humor used is a knock out and it makes you beam when you view the creative side of the ad with lights flashing from the teeth (mind you, not from yours) everywhere be it under the swimming pool, the tennis courtyard or from the headlight of the old modeled car. The 100 watt light flashing from the teeth makes the ad a hit among the masses and it makes you “mushkurale” all the time while you are watching the ad. No doubt the idea is a bit unnatural but the jingle, the music, and the sets everything is impeccable. But when you try to look at the ad from a different perspective then somehow you feel that making teeth as a source of light at the cost of making people slaves doing all the weird things, then at some point of time you feel disheartened. Ok now let’s not inflate the situation but watch the ad just for fun.


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