2 So it’s been 4 years that we have been officially hitched, four years nine months and two days since we got engaged, and almost five years since we awkwardly got to know each together.

It’s been a ride for sure, and I have been living life in phases. Today this and tomorrow that, there has never been a dull moment. But I still miss those years which I missed staying with you. I wish we could have met earlier. Anyways, it was destiny and we were destined to meet 5 years back.

From just casual friends to good friends to best friends and now a life partner, we have come a long way. From a tweet, to a ping on gtalk, to a video chat on skype, to spending whole night chatting till dawn, to meeting each other face to face, to waking up in your arms and now to let our little bundle of joy share the little space between us, we really have come a long way. J

When I look back it almost seems like a bollywood plot. The way we met, the way we got engaged, the way we got married and the way we are growing old together. I think we deserve a standing ovation.

I want to thank God for helping us getting married baring those great -wall -of -china kind of caste pillars, society norms, parental pressure and those never matching horoscope. Actually not only God, I want to thank you too. You stood like a pillar and fought everything so bravely. I am so proud of you.

There are many things which I love about you. One of them being the transformation you have made on me. I have now begun to analyze situations and act accordingly and am on the verge of losing the simple, quite girl image which does not work in the longer run. Thank you for building confidence in me.

Thank you again for letting me know that like is not a bollywood movie. Life is lived in phases. So just like two sides of a coin, there is both good and bad phase and it just passes. Now I try not to fuss about the bad phase but just try to get over it like a good girl.

Thank you again for inspiring me to keep trying out new things. It feels good when you praise my work and also suggest the area of improvement. Thank you for keeping me and Pahi entertained with your humorous side. I just love it when you make funny faces in the mirror inside the lift when no one is around.

Well, there are more, but I will now limit it to just 4 since it’s our 4th anniversary. 😛

And as I said there are two sides of a coin, so there are two sides in you as well. There is this annoying side in you which comes un-alarmed and goes away in a jiffy. But I am not in a mood to jot down those as I don’t to crib on our anniversary (Am I acting like a good wife?)

I love you to the moon and back. Bearhug! 3 4                                  72                 DSC02971


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