Papa’s Day…

As a child I remember celebrating Children’s Day. We would get chocolates at school and would also insist at being given a treat at home too. In a nutshell we celebrated our day. Now that I am mother, I still get to celebrate being a mother, isn’t that amazing? Not only Mothers Day, we have a Father’s Day too for all the amazing Papa’s. I pity my mom and dad who missed these so called days in the past but now I make sure to compensate for all those years missed.

I do believe that every day is a mothers/father’s day but I think it’s quite cool to have a day dedicated to the special persons in your life. The most important part being you get to celebrate a day with your loved ones.20150527_171647

So this year we celebrated a Father’s Day at home. Pahi can draw lines; scribble and color pictures so I thought why not make her paint a card for her papa. We sat down and had a nice time scribbling on the paper. She said that she wanted to make two cards for her Papa because she loves him a lot and I said ok why not. I had a nice time making those cards with her. It was fun to see her paint and stick those embellishments on the card. I also took her hand and foot prints and made a superman out of it. She was super excited and wanted to give her papa the cards right away. I somehow convinced her to hide those cards for now and give it to her papa the next morning. It was a little difficult but she somehow listened to me.

So the morning came and I told Pahi softly to go and wish her Papa with her handmade card. And then her tantrums begin. She started yelling no it’s not father’s day today I want to celebrate mother’s day. Well, this is how the kids behave at time and you just can’t do anything about it. So, after Pahi decided to boycott the special day dedicated to her papa, I decided to give him the card made by his beloved daughter by hiding it inside the morning newspaper. The father was so happy after receiving the card that he forgot to read his newspaper and was staring at the card as if the card is now a newspaper with all the worldly gossips. We, Father’s has their emotional side as well. J

The other card I waited for Pahi to get convinced that its Father’s Day today by showing her pictures of her and her dad together and telling her how much he loves her. She finally got convinced and I made her handover the other card to her Papa herself.

Finally mission accomplished.

I was happy,

Papa was super happy…


Pahi was happy too.

But I was just wondering why the father’s can’t do such things for the mommy’s on their special days?

I hope the Father is reading this 😛

Well, chuck it, and hope you wished your dad too. Because I just did and he was so happy.


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