Simple gestures that can spice up your love life

It’s not always necessary to say “I love you”. You can show your love towards your partner with some simple gestures which includes holding hand or may be surprise him/her with a romantic candle light dinner. I do feel that the essence of love should not fade away. Here are some secrets to keep that love intact.

  1. Do something nice for your partner- You need not always buy expensive gifts for your partner. Even the smallest of things can bring a smile on your thier face. E.g keep sending her/him text messages saying how much you love him/her or may be send her flowers.
  2. Spend quality time- We all become so engrossed in our life post marriage that we hardly spend time with our partners. Most of the time is spent dealing with clients or late night meetings. If you also have been doing the same for a long time then it’s the time to surprise your partner. Try to forget about those clients for some time and pack your bag to go home early. Worth a try!
  3. Compliment/Praise your partner-With time we seem to get so accustomed with our partner that we rarely praise him/her. Remember those early days when you were just married and could not stop yourself from showering praises on your partner. You can again bring back the smile on her/his face by complimenting them once again. Praise your partner whenever he/she cooks for you or may be when he/she dresses up. Do try it!
  4. Share- Share your daily doings with your partner and give them a chance to be a part of your life. Make your partner feel special as this will surely make them realize that you miss him/her even in your busy schedule. Try this out, as sharing is caring!
  5. Express yourself- Let your partner know how much you love him/her. Don’t restrict yourself from expressing yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Spice up your relationship by expressing yourself at the earliest.
  6. Surprise- Who doesn’t like surprises? Do something he/she would not have expected. You could send flowers or take her out on a surprise dinner. Well, isn’t that a sweet gesture?
  7. Show that love- It’s very important to show that love towards your partner from time to time. You can hold her hand or may be tell her how much you love her quietly when sitting with your family or while watching a movie. Try this out and its works.
  8. Know your partners needs- You should know your partner inside out. The idea is to fulfill their needs before they realize it.

So what are your waiting for? Do try these tips and spice up your love life. Also don’t forget to share which of the above tips worked for you.



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