Top ten Mother-Toddler activity you can indulge in this summer
Stock up all your summer essentials and get ready for some fun with your little ones. The idea is to plan everything in advance so that you don’t spend the entire summer under the AC watching a cartoon show. So, be it venturing out to a nearby destination, arranging a party or just lazing around with your little munchkin at home, we have a list ready for you to shove off the summer boredom.

Pool party with kids


Image Credit: blog.timimas

Celebrate summer! Just slather on the sunscreen and let the kids put on their swim suit and jump to joy on the bath tub. So while the kiddos are having fun the mommies (and the daddy’s) too can spend a quality time with each other. So, what are you waiting for? Let the little ones make a splash at the backyard pool, go hula-hooping and enjoy all those delicious finger food.

Where: At you backyard or you can even hire your society pool for a day. There are event organizers such as Dream Party, Funfaktory and Hop Skip And Party who can help you even make it grand for the tiny tots.

Visit to a water park


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Water slides, splashing fountains, mini pools, toddler swings and rain dance- let the little ones just laze around and have fun playing in the water. It’s so much fun watching them make a splash with those tiny little toes.

Where : There are a lot of places in and around Mumbai. You can consider going to Essel World, Adlabs Imagica, Kumar Water Resort- Lonavla, Royal Garden Resort- Borivali or Tikuji-Ni-Wadi at Thane Road.

Create a giant waterbed


Image Credit: homemade/wp-content

You can order it online or even make one at home with the help of plastic sheets and duct tape. All you have to do is tape together two layers of heavy plastic sheets, leaving a small hole for the hose to fill it with water. And voila, your giant water bed is ready for the jumping jacks.

Go out on a short road trip


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Venture out and explore places! So, whether it’s a park, a museum, a zoo, a country side farm which you have been planning to visit for a long time, just stock up all the essentials drive away with your little ones.

Where : Visit nearby beaches- Chowpatty, Manori, Gorai, Kelwa. You can also take a ferry from Gateway of India and visit the cluster of beaches around Alibaug like Varsoli, Kihim or Nagaon and take a horse-cart ride along the beach. Tiny, unpolluted hill station, Matheran can also excite the tiny totes. Yazoo Park, Fish Aquarium, Byculla Zoo and Byculla Butterfly Garden are amongst others worth visiting. A day spent at Lonavla or Khandala can also cool down the little ones a lot.

Join a summer camp


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Summer camp is a fun way to unwind yourself with your little ones with endless number of activities. There are mother-toddler half day programs which allows you to choose from a variety of options like dancing, crafting, games, field trips, theatre, cooking and many more. Do what interests them and watch them sparkle.

Where: Koala Club Summer Camp, Gymboree, Lil’Chef At Kidocent Activity Club, Satrangi Gurukul Pugmarks offers mother-toddler programs. You can also look for special classes in playschools which also offers special classes during the summer vacations.


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Spend the lazy summer afternoon playing board games

There would be days when you just want to spend some quality time with your munchkin. One of those days you can decide on a board game and let the dice rolling. Not only are board games super fun way to spend time but they also teach the child about patterns, matching, color, strategy and many more.


Dib-Dab fun with flower painting

Kids love getting messy, don’t they? You can get them some flowers, dib them in color and let them dab it onto a paper. And just wait for their expression after they see the final outcome. Give it a try.

Fun with Paintsicles- frozen ice cube painting

There could not be a better way to spend a summer afternoon with lots of colored ice cubes around. Just squeeze some paint in the ice tray, freeze them for a couple of hours and there you go. Let the little ones beat the heat creatively.

Beat the heat by making some freezer banana/strawberry popsicle and lemonade

Image Credit: Pinterest

Let them wear their aprons and make a mess in the kitchen. Have some patience and let those tiny hands treat you with their favourite popsicles. All you need is a lollipop stick, some fruits, melted chocolate or yogurt and some sprinkles. You can even get them involved in making lemonade for everyone. Well, no one would mind taking a sip.

Teach them


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On certain days, just sit with them and teach them basic science, sing a rhyme, count objects, paint a picture or just let them scribble on a notebook.

Where: Either at home or you can even get yourself enrolled in some special classes. There are a number of institutes such as Furtadoss, Colour Crates, Eco Kids, Knowledge Book Library & Multi Activity and All rounder which offers special classes in music, art & craft, origami, pottery making, theatre, gardening, clay play, fitness and many more.

Have more ideas to share? Do let us know in the comment section below!


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