Feeling guilty now for not keeping a daily check on what’s happening outside and most importantly inside me. There is so much to say. It’s been 5 months now and feels great. I have never been so protective of myself then I am these days. A huge sense of responsibility has crept in within me. Will try and share the stories of all the hormonal imbalances within me from now.  P.S- Please bear with me. J I don’t know whether its HE or SHE, a small part within me says it’s HE, but then another part says, it can be SHE. But I secretly want a baby girl (@pradyumna Happy? :D)

Week 22:

I am hoping she should be the size of a small papaya. Errr … well I don’t know.

Feelings: I feel pregnant. J Well, there are times when I am the happiest person on earth and again there are times where I am a little jinxed. I am very close to my third trimester and sometimes worried as to how I am going to manage myself and the lil baby. Those swellings on the feet and body are driving me nuts. My foot is almost twice its size and the wedding ring refuses to come out of my finger. I am still trying to pull it out, but in vain. The removal of the ring on the other finger was quite traumatic, so I better not try it with the other one.

Body: I feel blotted. I have put on lots of weight and I am concerned. Sigh!

Movements: Little tickles. Doctors say it’s too early to feel the baby now, but I can feel her and it’s the best feeling. She keeps moving and makes her presence felt whenever I am alone. May be she is trying to say that I am with you. Awwwww.

Milestones: Well, for sure the baby movement. I can feel her, what else I want to know.

Cravings: Nothing in particular, depends on mood.

Food: I think I am turning veggie. I like my plate with lots of green vegetables and pulses.

Sleep: I wake up early for some unknown reasons. (Early is 7 :D), I wish I can sleep more.

Concerns: There are so many. Let’s not talk about it now! 

Awkward Moments: Pradyumna saying every minute- “Baby steps”. Grrrr… I am not a baby J Also, each time I see myself in the mirror, I get upset. So, these days I refrain myself from looking into the mirror. Awkward but true. People are sometimes very mean to pregnant women. Not all, but a few of them. So, a chic in office told me that I have put on a lot of weight and kept staring at me. I swear, next time if anyone tells me this is sure to get a punch on the face.  None of my dresses fits me. Thanks to mommy dear for making them fit me again. Phew!

I Miss:  Sleeping on my tummy, staying up late at night. I don’t have the liberty to do these stuff. Grrrr. Also miss taking the caffeine sips with Pradyumna over the weekends. I have to sip milk instead, how boring. Diet: Forget about it. One moment I think I will stay away from ice-creams and chocolates and other moments I have them out from the refrigerator. No self-control. Sob!

Okay…enough for today I guess. I need to concentrate on the damn iPad now. Will come back next week.



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